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The ORIGINAL baseball portable pitching game mounds company, True Pitch, Inc., has been a trademark in baseball for nearly 50 years. True Pitch Mounds are the ONLY portable game mounds approved by these baseball organizations; Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Pony and Dixie Leagues. These high quality mounds are used in the best baseball parks in the U.S.-and worldwide.

Proud to be the Only Portable Mound Approved for Game and Tournament Play for:

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Rebuilding Your Bump with Flex-A-Clay

The bad news?

Your pitching mound surface is in dire need of repair.

The good news? Flex-A-Clay from True Pitch is here to save the day!

Flex-A-Clay is a patented, specially formulated mixture intended to repair spots of wear on your pitching mound, infield, batter’s box, or anywhere you have dirt. Our patented product offers unparalleled water draining, drying and resiliency … that also reduces sticking in the pitcher’s cleats.

In this feature, we highlight the proper ways to repair your pitching mound with True Pitch Flex-A-Clay. Follow these simple steps to get your program back on the bump!

Reminder: Mound specifications for high school through the major leagues calls for a mound that is 18 feet in diameter with the top of the pitcher’s rubber 10 inches higher than home plate. For youth leagues, consult the rule book of the governing organization.

Step One: Measure the Rubber

Take a measure to determine if the pitching rubber [ ]

5 Tips to Prep Your Field for Winter Weather

At True Pitch we are about much more than mounds. We are about ALL THINGS baseball.

As such, we carry a full array of field products to assist you in keeping your playing surface in supreme shape 365 days a year. As we head into winter, here are five quick tips to prep your field for the offseason:

Examine and Tidy Up
Walk your field inch-by-inch to identify any ruts, worn patches of grass or other areas in need of attention. Be sure to flag them or spray paint them so you can quickly identify them in applying a fix. In the process, pick up any garbage, rocks or sticks, or other items that you don’t want sitting on your field until spring.
Aerating your field improves the health of your grassy areas. Home improvement stores typically rent aerators, you can reach out to a landscaping firm to perform the work or you can [ ]